Rise of the Right

How House Democrats Vacated Anti-War Politics for Far-Right Demagogues

BreakThrough News
Congress was “frozen” for days without a House Speaker. But has the institution ever worked for the working class? Ben Becker, Editor-in-Chief of BreakThrough News, breaks down what happened and how Congress has always been deadlocked when it comes to meeting the needs of the people.

Why the Coup Failed in Brazil

BreakThrough News
Ana Júlia Guedes, lawyer, and activist of Levante Popular da Juventude, discusses Brazil’s response to the coup attempt, including arrests of the plotters, global condemnation, and the mass mobilizations in defense of democracy. On Sunday, January 8, supporters of former far-right Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro stormed the headquarters of the...

Reviving the Left in the Post-9/11 Era: New Movements & Constant Turmoil with Brian Becker

Rania Khalek
How did 9/11 change the direction of the US left? What about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the election of Obama and then Trump, the Arab Spring, Russiagate and now the war in Ukraine? How has the new Cold War against Russia and China created new lines of differentiation...

Culture Wars, Fake Populism & the Reactionary Rabbit Hole, With Chapo’s Matt Christman

Rania Khalek
With the Democratic Party hopelessly incapable of doing anything to address our many crises, the far-right has managed to brand itself as subversive using oligarch funding for anti-woke and pseudo-populist campaigns. The result is to send more and more lost and alienated people down the reactionary rabbit hole.  How do...

A year later, what are the lessons from the Trump-backed insurrection of January 6?

Monica Cruz
Brian Becker, National Director of the ANSWER Coalition, talks about the insurrection of January 6, 2021, why Donald Trump has only grown more popular, and why the Democrats have failed to bring any of the true perpetrators to justice A year ago today, a fascist mob took over the US...

American Fascism: White Supremacy and the Far Right from the Klan to Jan. 6

Brian Becker
Brian Becker and Dr. Gerald Horne discuss the one-year anniversary of the January 6th assault on the U.S. Capitol, encouraged and organized by Donald Trump. It was the first time since 1812 that the U.S. government was under attack on its home soil, yet the leaders of the attack have...

Utsa Patnaik: Failure of Neoliberalism Fuels Neofascist Movements Around the World

Rania Khalek
How is neoliberal capitalism fueling neofascist movements today? This is a clip from Rania Khalek’s interview with renowned Marxist Economist Utsa Patnaik. She is co-author of “A Theory of Imperialism” and the more recent “Capital and Imperialism: Theory, History, and the Present” with Prabhat Patnaik.

Right-wing vigilante found not guilty of murdering two anti-racist protestors

BreakThrough News
The most closely-watched murder trial in recent memory exemplifies the standard of cops and racists having a right to kill in the US Kyle Rittenhouse before shooting three men, killing two, in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 25, 2021. Photo: Twitter @StandForBetter After four days of deliberations, a jury acquitted 18-year...

Rittenhouse Trial: Police Complicity and The Legitimizing of Vigilante Violence

Eugene Puryear
Last year Kyle Rittenhouse gunned down three anti-racist protesters with a military-style assault rifle having travelled across state lines to confront a Wisconsin BLM demonstration. New details suggest police complicity in the confrontations. As the country watches his murder trial play out, it is becoming increasingly clear that Rittenhouse has...

Progressive Councilwoman Laura Salamendra Resists Right Wing Intimidation Campaign

BreakThrough News
A newly-elected progressive councilwoman in Geneva, New York has been the target of a violent intimidation campaign from local right wingers angry with her platform for police accountability. Local pro-police right wingers, instigated by Democratic officials including the city’s Mayor, have sent death threats and harassed Councillor Laura Salamendra for...
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