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Reviving the Left in the Post-9/11 Era: New Movements & Constant Turmoil with Brian Becker

BreakThrough News
How did 9/11 change the direction of the US left? What about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the election of Obama and then Trump, the Arab Spring, Russiagate and now the war in Ukraine? How has the new Cold War against Russia and China created new lines of differentiation...

Starbucks Workers Fight The Boss, and Win.

BreakThrough News
The nationwide unionization drive at Starbucks stores is going strong despite a myriad anti-union efforts from the corporation. Veronica Gonzalez, employed at a Los Angeles Starbucks that recently unionized, explains how they won despite Starbucks retaliation and how people can support the ongoing effort to unionize Starbucks nationwide.

Africa Stands Up to US Cold War Bullying Against China & Russia, with Kambale Musavuli

BreakThrough News
What does the US Cold War with China and Russia mean for Africa? Can China’s rise benefit the continent, providing it leverage and another partner to rely on? Or is the State Department correct that China is engaging in neocolonialism and that African countries should be cautious and prioritize their...

Infiltration, Violence, Deportation: How the State Weakened and Split Socialism in the US, with Brian Becker

BreakThrough News
The US left is often smeared and mocked, accused of being weak, ineffective, unserious, fractured, obsessed with identity issues and prone to destructive infighting. While capitalist media has a stake in portraying the left in this way, the organized US left is rebuilding and growing stronger. Still, it is weaker...

Palestinians Have Tried Surrender & Collaboration. Only Resistance Is Left with Ali Abunimah

BreakThrough News
Israel killed at least 49 Palestinians in its three-day assault on the Gaza Strip last week and 17 of them were children. Israel Defense Forces also raided the West Bank city of Nablus and killed three, including the commander of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Ali Abunimah, Director of & author...

Colombia: A Gamechanging Election

BreakThrough News
Colombia is on the verge of potentially monumental change this weekend. Left-wing candidates for President and Vice-President, Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez, are leading in the polls and expected to emerge victorious in the May 29th Presidential election. If the polls are correct, this would be the first time in...

Sudan’s Communists Speak Out

BreakThrough News
In 2019 a huge mass movement overthrew Sudan’s government of 30 years. While the old regime fell, the new Sudan is still struggling to be born. Millions have taken to the streets to protest, launching strikes, boycotts and blockades as the people of Sudan struggle to define their future. In...

Summit of Americas Collapsing: Region Says NO to Exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua

BreakThrough News
The Summit of the Americas being held next month in Los Angeles is shaping up to be a humiliation for the Biden administration. In response to the United States’ attempt to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the gathering, leaders in Bolivia, Mexico and Caribbean states plan to boycott. And...

Building the Anti-War Movement Amid War Fever & Censorship

BreakThrough News
As the war frenzy builds in the United States, censorship of anti-NATO voices on the Ukraine war is nearly universal. How do we strengthen the movement against war in this climate of war fever? ANSWER Coalition organizer Walter Smolarek and Kym Smith, organizer with the Party for Socialism & Liberation,...

Political Prisoner & Native Elder Leonard Peltier Has Several Health Conditions … and Now COVID

Eugene Puryear
Political prisoner Leonard Peltier, who is 77 and has been behind bars for more than 45 years after being falsely accused by the FBI, now has COVID – as well as several health conditions making him far more vulnerable. Jean Roach, who is Mnicoujou Lakota, co-director of the International Leonard...
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