Who We Are

Breakthrough Disrupters

No one can ever predict where exactly the next major movement will erupt, but BT wants to be there. The working class needs its own media, and together we can build it.

BreakThrough Disrupters is a network of media makers reporting from grassroots movements.

With 5 mega-corporations dominating the media, developing independent media is more necessary than ever. To this end, BreakThrough will be organizing educational activities such as workshops and academies to train volunteer Disrupters, who will take these skills to organize people’s media coverage in their local areas.

Our network will facilitate building bridges between progressive media makers, activists, creatives and justice-loving individuals across the country.

Be a part of the fight against corporate-controlled media and tell stories of working-class resistance in your area. Don’t just watch us, join us — and apply to become a Disrupter today!

Goals of BreakThrough Disrupters: 

Provide visibility and high-quality coverage to help advance movements that are typically skipped over by corporate media

Educate organizers on how to best document stories for social media and traditional media

Enhance communication and collaboration between grassroots media makers who are often working in isolation

Build a first-responder platform that can have reporters at any site of struggle in the country

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