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Sudan’s Communists Speak Out

In 2019 a huge mass movement overthrew Sudan’s government of 30 years. While the old regime fell, the new Sudan is still struggling to be born. Millions have taken to the streets to protest, launching strikes, boycotts and blockades as the people of Sudan struggle to define their future. In 2021 the struggle intensified when the military mounted a coup to forestall substantive social change. The Sudanese people have been mounting a concerted resistance to the coup, and for a very different political, social and economic vision for their country.

The Sudanese Communist Party is a significant player in the movement on the streets, and has been central to popular uprisings going back to the 1960s. Breakthrough News spoke with Dr. Fathi al-Fadl, spokesperson for the Sudanese Communist Party about the current struggle, the history behind the 2019 uprising and how Sudanese Communists see the future of the nation.

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