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Eyewitness: Venezuela Elections

BT News correspondent Kei Pritsker reported on the elections live in Venezuela on our social media pages. Here are some of the highlights.

The Day Before the Election

What’s at stake in Venezuela’s National Assembly elections tomorrow? 107 parties on the ballot. The US government is doubling down in support of the disgraced Guaidó & threatening sanctions on right-wing parties just for participating in elections.

Watch BT’s first report from the streets of Caracas below:

Night Before Election Count is Finalized

Juan Guaidó is counting down the hours until he can give up the whole “I’m the real president” bit. By this time tomorrow he won’t even be a nominal member of the National Assembly, let alone its leader. What will Washington do now?

Watch below for BT correspondent Kei Pritsker’s analysis:

Day of Election Count

The U.S. & far-right opposition figures are already attempting to cast doubt over the outcome of today’s ongoing election in Venezuela.

What we are seeing on the ground is the exact opposite of these claims.

BT’s Kei Pritsker has the latest from Caracas:

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