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US and Europe Want to Make Africa a Cold War Battleground Against Russia and China, with Mikaela Nhondo Erskog

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The US and Europe have tried to make Africa a battleground in their Cold War against Russia and China. They‘ve even labeled Africa as NATO’s “Southern Neighborhood” and are using AFRICOM as a mechanism to control the continent under the guise of protecting it from malign Chinese and Russian influence....

Blood Money: How 20+ Years of War is Driven by Corporate Profit from Congo’s Minerals

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A flurry of efforts are underway to curtail the renewed conflict in the Eastern portion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where the M23 rebel group is on the march. M23 has been attacking and displacing residents of the DRC for a year now with, according to the...

Global South Rising, War-Induced Famine, Drastic Climate Shifts: Where Is the World Headed?

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The G20 summit addressed trade, climate devastation, and also, despite the US’s wishes, the G20 specifically noted that the summit was not the forum to address the Ukraine war. Vijay Prashad, executive director of the Tricontinental Institute, sheds light on what this all means and where the global order is...
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Is COVID Really Over If It Kills 400 People Every Day?

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Following Biden’s remarks that the pandemic is “over,” the Senate voted to end the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration, despite over 400 Americans dying of COVID-19 every day. Additionally, US health insurance prices have gone up nearly 30% over the past year, making lifesaving measures out of reach for millions of more...
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UN Official Calls for Lifting ‘Illegal’ Syria Sanctions After Seeing Devastation First-Hand

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Rania Khalek is joined by UN Special Rapporteur Prof. Alena Douhan who returned from a 12-day visit to Syria where she assessed the negative impact of sanctions across the country. Upon her return, she called for the sanctions, which she deems illegal and a violation of human rights, to be...
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Trump’s 2024 Announcement Speech Debunked — His Real Record Against Workers

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Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he’s running for president again, despite only delivering a “red trickle” in the midterm elections and losing the presidency by seven million votes in 2020. What was his real record in office? Brian is joined by Eugene Puryear, an author, activist, and co-host with...

An Unjust Transition: How COP 27 Ripped Off South Africa’s Workers

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South African workers are outraged at the $8.5 billion climate change deal signed by their government at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27). The deal, which was supported by Germany, France, the UK, the US, and the EU (or the Just Energy Transition Partnership, or JETP) at COP26,...
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US Sets Anti-China Trap for Europe — Will They Fall In? With Arnaud Bertrand

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The US is trying to reshape NATO into an anti-China alliance while demanding that the EU join in. So far the US has been somewhat immunized from the consequences of cutting economic ties with Russia. For Europe though, the outcome of sanctions has been much more dire as winter approaches. ...

Voter Suppression Behind Georgia’s Run-Off: One GOP Operative Blocked 32,000 Ballots from Going Out

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Brian is joined by investigative reporter Greg Palast, who wrote the film “Vigilantes: Georgia’s Vote Suppression Hitmen,” available at

Reviving the Left in the Post-9/11 Era: New Movements & Constant Turmoil with Brian Becker

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How did 9/11 change the direction of the US left? What about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the election of Obama and then Trump, the Arab Spring, Russiagate and now the war in Ukraine? How has the new Cold War against Russia and China created new lines of differentiation...
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